Beyond the roots of the grapevine


We are a group of family businesses that have a history. Over time we have come to appreciate the value of the terrain, the vineyards and indigenous varieties, and are committed to conveying all this through our wines.

We don't want to dictate rules or doctrines, what we want is to share our principles on culture, because wine represents civilisation.

We listen to each other, we exchange points of view, we share experiences and we are united in our enthusiasm and genuine understanding.


Wine is our life; what we want is for its qualitative, cultural and historical value to be appreciated so it doesn't stray from its true origins.

We know that it is only through a network, a unity, of common objectives, that we can build a system of knowledge, credibility and trust.

We are committed to creating and cultivating relationships with other viticulturists, farmers, food producers, educators and members of the community to restore to our wines the reputation they deserve.


We are winegrowers; it’s how we make our living. We take care of everything ourselves - the vineyard, the cellar and the bottling.

We have a shared vision of winemaking, confident that attention to detail must be constant and quality a pre-requisite. We are convinced that human relationships are of the utmost importance and develop them with everyone who wants to know us. We are committed to authenticity. We observe transparency - we say what we do and we do what we say - and we are each of us committed enough to back this up.


It is only by making traditional grape varieties central to our business that the individual merits of our wines can shine through. The endorsement of appearing on a wine list is a measure of recognition for the winegrowing heritage, with indigenous varieties that can best restore and exemplify the tradition and the oenological history of this land.

Some of us grow our vines in volcanic soils, others in clay or alluvial areas; it is through these differences and distinct interpretations of the same concept that a narrative of identity can be established moving forward into the future.

The characteristics of this land are confirmed through these very differences, and they are also where our uniqueness lies.


We want to commemorate the history and culture of these places of ours, we want to illustrate the indisputable vocation of the terroir through the work we do.

We believe that part of our distinctiveness lies in producing a wine that can be drunk both while it’s young and with a few years’ maturity, in the certainty that its true worth comes out in its development, like all the great wines of the world.

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